Monday, January 5, 2009

Examining TC

Reviewer at Examiner makes valid points:

In Over Their Heads: Eugene and Melissa (I agree)
Just Good Enuf To Hang In: Carla, Radhika (agree)

Contenders, But Need Someone To Screw Up:

Leah 'not putting something disastrous in front of judges, more than can be said of Ariane, Jamie, Hosea' (yup)

Ariane 'stubbornly mainstream approach is actually the most interesting aspect of S5, esp since she keeps on winning... she hit rock bottom at the right time, in the first eps.' (agree about her timing)

Jamie 'three Qf 2nds, cooking at above average level
... wondering if she's not the best chef on the show.'
2 negatives: 'scallop-fetish, a chip on her shoulder' (true)

Jeff: his Qfs have been almost universally poor,
and not much successful cooking with meat.
(That could be fatal on meat-centric TC)

his Favs:
Stefan - 'most technically proficient chef this season'
Hosea - 'a bit of an imagination.' & 'unflappable'
Fabio - 'charm, cool under fire' 'obvious cooking talent'

IMO, he's on target except I'd swap Hosea and Jamie.
Only two months until we know for sure...


  1. I'm kinda surprised at his thoughts on Jeff, who hasn't impressed me yet.

  2. Jeff also impresses me very little. As for Radhika: I don't know if she's exactly in over her head. However, she does seem to be doing better than she is, since she's won immunity each of the last two challenges.