Saturday, January 31, 2009


The 'What Were You Thinking' Awards
for Top Chef Episode 5.10 are in:


3rd place: Nikki - chicken livers?...
For a SuperBowl snack? Really?

2nd place: Fabio - eggplant & dry oatmeal? Ew.
And made into a cylinder no less... 'nuf said.

1st place: Fabio(encore) - overdone deer. Ew.
But this award is mainly for the missed opportunity:

Dude! - You're from Italy, you had meat, you had cheese, this was a SuperBowl Party... If you'd only made them some little pizzas on toast you would've been the one going to the SuperBowl! Sheesh!

Couldn't've said it better myself, congrats Carla!

*Thanks and credit to Minx for the pic!

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