Wednesday, January 28, 2009


not my pic - their winter wind-guard vestibule was in the ways1 'Top Chef' Harold's NY place.

When we were in NYC we did Perilla's again. Arrived late for an early seating and they were very forgiving. (we'd called) And got better seats this time, on the left banquette. We sat next to the black curtain last time - too much service traffic in that area. This time we had:
==== appetizer

Apple & Romaine Salad (good solid flavors)
mt blue cheese & spiced walnut vinaigrette 11

Crispy Berkshire Pork Belly (its bacon!)
apple kimchi & pickled watermelon radish 12

==== main

Braised Elk 'Osso Buco' (richly done)
celery root puree, baby carrots & ginger sauce 26

Roasted Duck Breast (not stellar, but nice)
basmati rice, mustard greens & garam masala 25

==== dessert

Warm Apple Doughnuts
with creme fraiche chantilly 9
(had the vanilla ones last trip, loved both!)
Plus drinks, it all came to around $150 - quelle nuit!

His signature appetizer - had it last time:

Link: Perilla's website

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  1. I enjoyed Perilla and would like to go again, but there are so many other NY restaurants I need to try as well!