Sunday, January 4, 2009

Look Away

S6 tag line: Who killed Jenny. Can you say 'artificial drama'?
In a suspicious death, every 'suspect' is questioned alone...

Match this fact up with those recent cast interviews - five actresses mentioned their final day, and none finished up simultaneously with another main cast member.

'Jenny' finished first. Then 'Alice', & 'Tina' finished separately, on the same day. And 'Helena' did her last scene on the last day, with no other main cast member present, just before 'Bette' did the very last filmed scene, again without any other cast member. Hm.

Wank: So that's how TLW ends - each main character will be seen separately, in a police interrogation room, describing her relationship to the deceased! (Gee thanks, IC)

And will TLW's last ep then be 'Lock Away'?...

* fyi: The latest 'Who Killed Jenny' Showtime promos:
{9 min}

{5 min}

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