Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ted Allen Regrets

TC judge Ted Allen gets 'Chopped'?...
{32 sec}

That's the name of his new show, an Iron Chef/TC clone.
From the sound of it, his 'TC' is 'tepid chefs':

Allen has spoken out (on his blog) against allegations that his show is a TC rip-off, saying "There is no sleep deprivation, no "Big Brother" house full of bunk beds & cameras, no booze-fueled personal drama... Best of all, there is no product placement, so you never see passionate lovers of good food being forced to use packaged convenience junk..."

That may all be true, but the absence of Diet-Dr-Pepper QFs doesn't make up for the fact that Chopped's format is boring, the talent of its chef-testants subpar, and the general look of the show cheap. We'll take the occasional Bertolli challenge in exchange for some decent production value and an occasional change of scenery.

If there's any format Chopped has ripped-off, it's Iron Chef's. Each week, the four chef-testants have to cook an appetizer, main course, and dessert. They have 30 minutes to cook each course and must use the "mystery ingredients"
I like Ted Allen but I'm not so sure about his new baby...

review link: Village Voice

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  1. I accidentally caught this the other day (it was on, I didn't turn it off). It wasn't as bad or TC-copycatish as I thought. It seemed more like it was copycatting off of Iron Chef.