Friday, July 31, 2009

The Flavor of WD-50

Does it sound appetizing?... Well,
remember the potty-mouth from Top Chef Masters?

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TWoP's Aemilia ate at his (Wylie Dufresne) place 'WD-50'.

See what you think of the items she tried:
Fried Frog's Legs w/ pomegranate reduction & fruit balls that were 'sort of like caviar w/kelp pieces on top'

Hanger Steak Tartare, on top of almond paste w/ hyacinth reduction with banana powder and crispy strings of fried sweet potato. 'combo of bloody tartare w/ sweet really sort of blew my mind'

Pork Loin with Coconut Mustard Sauce w/ fried sweet potato balls and pickled leeks with bitter greens, and 'these clear threadlike things on top that I can't remember, but they seemed vegetable in nature'

(dessert tasting menu)

Tart Ice Cream with powdery raspberry crumbles... 'when I broke it open with my spoon, it had a center of balsamic vinegar'

Cheesecake - very tart and citrusy w/ lime ice cream & a pineapple gel and gelatinous slivers of pineapple pieces with pickled raisins.

Caramelized brioche that inside had this caramel filling, along with a ribbon of buttercream, and with vanilla ice cream and a cardamom (?) foam.

Chocolate Ganache and Cardamom Cake and Peppermint Ice Cream - sitting on a bed of chocolate cookie crumble that had a hidden molten chocolate mint sauce underneath
My opinion?
Some of it sounds as tasty as real WD-40.

But she said she liked it - maybe b/c she got a kitchen tour?

link- Aemilia's post re: her dinner, 4th one down.

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