Monday, December 21, 2009

Dances With 3D

Saw Avatar. My verdict:

It is 'Dances With Wolves' on an alien planet.
With brain transfers thrown in for fun.

Yup, the 3D and special effects were cool. But go to the late show so there will be fewer kids. Its PG-13, yet because of the toy tie-ins, and the colorful ads parents think its okay for tots... that is until the military action begins.

One poor kid (~4 yrs old) literally -ran- out of the theatre we were in. So, if you wouldn't bring your kid to 'Dances With Wolves', don't bring him/her to this. *If you need any further persuasion... the 6 previews made the entire show nearly 3 hours long.

{90 sec} Fun Fact: many sfx came via Weta of New Zealand


  1. Hey! Long time no (Mr.) C!

    And 'yes' definitely go see it in 3-D. But just for the lush, inventive scenery.

    Just don't think. Elsewise you'll start rolling your eyes at the plot &/or the brain-sharing device. (It shifts minds from bod to bod)