Sunday, December 13, 2009

Energetic Art

Art, made with moving light.

E.N., in NYMag this week said basically that the most memorable art of the 00's will be niche tv, improved through consumer preference. Hm. I have to disagree. *(But I did laugh over her comment saying ''The New York Times pretty much lost its mind over The Sopranos...'' - so true)

As best new art I nominate 'Energy art' , made with either active light sources (bulbs, LEDs, etc.) or video, like Brian Eno's '77 Million Paintings'. (below)

I love the colors and the motion.

Hm. The sentence above actually makes it sound as if I'm just a simpleton who saw too many Christmas lights as a child - which may be true.
Either way I think that active art is here to stay. (Of course the NYmag author could/would point out that her tv is just my art with the bonus of dialogue, but lets not get into that...)

So, your nominee for best new art of the 'oughts'?

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