Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tinsel Toots

What happens if kitty sets off the metal detector at the airport? Do they x-ray the poor thing, send it home, or ...?

But just in case you don't care to worry about that,
here's one version of how tinsel first appeared:
The tradition of using tinsel when decorating a Christmas tree is said to have come from the story of a poor woman in Germany who had no decorations for the little tree she found for her children.

The tales goes that during Christmas Eve spiders in the tree wove webs around it and covered it with white strands. A local holy man passed by the humble home and saw the poor family's little tree decorated by the spiders. He said a blessing over it and the house.

By Christmas morning, the spider web strands had magically turned to silver and glistened on the sunlight to the delight of the poor woman and her children.

OMG, the plot for 'Tinsel Town's next 'Spiderman' movie.


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