Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bottoms Up

Party til Le Claw strikes (two thousand) 10!

I couldn't resist the invitation....

click here to party at Le Claw's !

I needed to find a date. So I decided to ask Google for a
comedian - musician - celebrity.

I should have been more specific...

And having seen that bunch... he's perfect:

{2 min}
1. He's exotic (from the UK)
2. He's got a fun accent
3. He'll never run out of something to say.
Enabling me to just smile, nod, and hog the bubbly.

Now I've got the dress, and I'm ready to go:

I'm the Lady in Red...

See you in the 10's!


  1. Hahhaha omg nanc that last picture killed me.

    I'd go out with you but someone stole my pants and sneakers the other night, hah.

  2. Hey, Mr.C, I knew that was you. Hope your chilly feet have recovered so you can dance tonight.

    Aw thanks, Sherri.
    Hope you have the heat up at your place - seems I've forgotten my coat again.

  3. Happy New Year, Nanc! Hope your 2010 is all you ever dreamed of!

  4. Where did you get those cute shoes? And who did your hair? You're so photogenic!!