Monday, December 28, 2009

My Anti Year


Yes, 2010 will be my Anti-Year.

Why?... It all started when I read that alcohol is aging and that
'mixed drinks provide little to no nutritional value'. (Shocking, right?... Apparently those little olives and lime wedges just don't cut it.) Anyway, I thereafter resolved to add more antioxidants to my daily fare in 2010, just to balance those weekends out.

Luckily, I already like most of the top ones:

Red Wine
Dark Chocolate
Green Tea
Unsalted Nuts

But the USDA declared that the # 1 antioxidant food is:

Small Red Beans

hopefully the USDA meant -cooked- ...

'Small red beans' ?!?... Huh.

Plus the USDA also says:
'Antioxidants work better in combination'

To that end I declare that my recipes in 2010 will contain as many antioxidants as I can fit in. And for my first attempt, and to ring in the new year, I decided to find a recipe that includes -all- of them.

Here goes... I give you:

My fav DF cake...  And finding nuts at my house should be a piece of cake!
recipe link: Chocolate Carrot Cake

Basically, to your fave devil’s food cake add:

1 cup shredded carrots
1 cup chopped walnuts
some cream cheese frosting
plus berries on top, for garnish

Remember to sub a bit of applesauce & green tea into the mix - to take the place of any oil, or plain water.

Now serve with a glass of red wine and
'Voila', we're in the top antioxidant zone*!

*provided we choke down a bowl o' beans first.

Lets toot in a Happy New Year !

(sung to the chorus of 'Auld Lang Syne'*)
For antioxidants, my dear,
for an-ti-oxi-dants...
We'll take a cup of green tea yet,
for An-ti-Oxi-Dants!


  1. I'm stopping over from Nanny Goats/Margaret's to say Happy New Year.... And thanks for the recipe. It looks great.


  2. Luckily I already drink a fair amount of red wine, enough I am sure to make sure I have plenty of antioxidants. I'm happy to add beans, I am single, and I already live on dark chocolate which goes really well with red wine btw. I don't think the olives hurt, isn't that where olive oil comes from? That's good too, at least it was the last time I checked. Heres to Happy wine filled New Year.


  3. Small red beans???? What the heck?

    Say, you've got me about Chocolate Kale Cake? Or Chocolate Spinach cake? MMMmmmm....

    YOU, my dear, are too funny. And someday I'm gonna find out what nanc twop means.

  4. man. do I have to switch to red wine now? thank link was a very interesting, read. hope you have a lovely new year!

  5. I found your link on NGIP. I wonder if small red beans are the ones they stuff in rice cakes?

    The carrot cake looks gorgeous, thanks for the recipe.

    Best wishes for 2010!