Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bitter & Sweet, Salty & Sour

Serendipity helped Lisa win this week...
If Team Fire hadn't met Team Earth at the beef counter, her Fiery trio might have stuck to their original plan. But they did run into them, and thereby decided to nix the beef and go with the lively shrimp/bacon/salad that went on to win.

And as we saw later, the raw beef carpaccio ended up being a bad choice for Zoi and her Earth-lings. * IMO, since the chefs knew 'Top Chef' was passing out comment cards... forget serving a raw course to that older crowd. (Since it was Meals-on-Wheels benefit, they could've guessed that the usual attendees wouldn't exactly be ravers.) The percent of over-50's that have embraced raw protein is too low to risk it.

Sorry to see you go, Zoi, since from what I saw you were a better cook than Nikki or Ryan, and a better person than Dale or Spike.

My favorite Top Chef bloggers in Season #4, so far.

Dorothy Snarker {see below}

I don't need to recap... DS does it here:
Top Chef 4.04 {opens in new window}
And Ep 4.05 will be here:
Top Chef 4.05

* 'TopChefSeason4' on blogger stole a web page from stickygooey (see her page for details) and so has been permanently banned from any links on my blog pages.


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  6. Thank you so much for the link AND your support over that "unfortunate incident"! Sorry it's taken me a few days to stop by. All I can say is TAX SEASON! Grrr!

    I like your style!