Friday, April 25, 2008

The Truth, Improv'd

Take a look at the links. Now we really know that the wrong gal was packing her knives...

Padma, looking at Jen just after the PYK&G moment. She looks quite distressed, no doubt about it.

More convinced that ever that TomC was the one actually influencing Ted and Padma go go along with dumping Jen in favor of the drama duo. Purely a ratings ploy?... or something else?

Top Chef's own Lee Anne wrote in her blog:

I was sad to see Jen go. Again, everything is judged a single challenge at a time, and she is WAY more skilled than some of the remaining contestants. She is the Tre of this season, having gone home too early. I had found her food up until that point to be not only inspired and original, but food that I would eat anytime.

And Jen's quoted here in NYmag:

What did you like about your dish?
Just the technique of caramelizing goat cheese like that is really unique. The chefs, the other contestants, devoured the leftovers. They were like: “This is the bomb, this is so good.” No one had seen that technique with the cheese before.

When other chefs gobble down Jen's food... need I say more?

TWoP poll update: Now 90% think Antonia/Lisa deserved knifing.


  1. latest Bravo poll:
    Did Jennifer deserve to go?

    Yes: her's was weak. 39% (3297 votes)

    No: Antonia/Lisa should've 61% (5212)