Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm Judge Ted, the Foodie.

Top Chef, now spiced up with... quizzes?!
I went on Bravo's web site and found that they've upped the entertainment quotient of TC. Kinda. At any rate, here are my results for the terminally curious or totally bored TC fans:

This second quiz is quite interesting... since I did it twice, and the second time around I intentionally got -all- the answers -wrong-, and yet was still declared a 'foodie'...

Bravo's quizzes, opens in new window -here-. There are also games like 'Chef Suduko' there, but I didn't try'm. *If you do, let me know if they're *exciting*...

eta: Current standings on Bravo's Ep407 poll

Did Jen deserve to go home?

Yes -- 39% (3946 votes)
No --- 61% (6238 votes)

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