Thursday, April 24, 2008

Orange Turned-on Asparagus*

*that's code for 'Beware capricious judges who'll skewer you whilst letting others who ignore their challenge elements slide!'
Our Jen unexpectedly trips over an asparagus stalk.

I'm sorry we didn't get to see all the cooking Jen did (thanks to Bravo's editing monkeys) but the other chefs did, which makes Dale's remark even more telling: 'She scared me when she cooked, she was so good.' We know he's not the type to say that randomly. And I found the other chef's crying 'What?!' plus Stephanie's annoyed "Jen's going home, leave me alone." very telling as well. Thats all in Bravo's 'extra' Ep4.07 video, of course. Note: not surprisingly, this vid has been overloaded with hits since the show aired - be patient, or try later.

It appears Jen got the shaft and the other chefs knew it instantly. Hey 'Top Chef' if you're so sure about your judging why didn't you include those bits in the actual show? So 'Thanks again' Bravo Editing Monkeys. I'm hoping they turn the animals from the Zoo episode loose on you. Except for the penguins, of course, unless they're rabid.

TWoP's poll, 80% say Antonia or Lisa should have gone, not Jen.

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  1. ---Thanks--- for the link to the extra video. Do they ever air these??? Chef Jim