Friday, April 4, 2008

Steal this Season

Its too bad that Showtime only gave TLW eight more episodes. I'm hoping that the petition to make it a 'full' twelve episode season does some good. Did they use 'writers strike' as an excuse for the missing episodes? Or was it just marked off as the 'economy's fault? (Never did read the news article about it.)

At any rate, I'm hoping TLW will go out with a bang
... or two.

Episode ideas for Season 6:

Lamborghini - Helena is back - lets roll, baby! *Go find v1. Alice!
Lear Jet - Helena is back, part 2: time to join the My-L-High club.
Lucid Dreams - Night falls in Weho, especially the 'Ho' part...
Look Who's Back - Welcome back, Carmen, Dana, Dylan & Lara.
Limbo - Jodi returns to teach everyone her new pole dance skills.
Little John - SheBar reopens as WeeBar, Kit's uppity new daycare.
L Ward - Everyone knew Jenny would end up back there someday.
Love - 'Wedding' (Bette-r this than pregnant) Shane presides.
Louisiana - TiBette honeymoon in bikinis near New Orleans. But...
Looters - They run and hide as thieves steal -all- their clothes!
Lost - B&T wander the bayous, stop often for comforting.
Leftovers - TPTB finally give in; we get to see all deleted scenes!

Feel free to email these ideas to Vancouver...

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  1. speaking of fun stuff, a link to the original OMFG scene1 from the S5 screener dvds...