Monday, April 14, 2008

JB and AH go 'V'!

The Vagina Monologues took a road trip to New Orleans and some of TLW stars took part.

Jennifer Beals and Alexandra Hedison
in photo from the event, modified for Mama B. ;-)
*original photo credit to

Since I know how annoying it is to try to locate an older post a few days past on TWoP... here're a few links to make it easier to find these again later. Thanks guys!

Link to tipper63's TWoP post about the event.

*credit for link below to eagle-eyed gotmilf, thanks!
Link to elizalou's blog with 'V to the Tenth' details.

jabkelly's youtube link to JB's 'moan' scene.
(via handheld at the event) Thanks jab!

*fyi: link below is R-rated