Saturday, November 29, 2008

Apres Knife

Tidbits from Bravo's new 'After the Knife videos:

See the eliminated chefs slumming it!

Wait with them for the next loser to arrive! 'We want the next one eliminated to be fun!'

This season's newest wrinkle? Right after each episode you can jump online to see the newly rejected chef join the loser lounge. The most interesting thing about this week's reveal was that Richard really regretted not throwing Danny under the bus for those ugly, underseasoned and underdone potatoes.

If all the chefs are this candid, I'll be tuning in every week...
Follow this to Bravo's 4-min 'After the Knife' videos.


  1. Even though in a confidential during TC, Richard said something about hoping that the losing team doesn't start throwing each other under the bus! Hypocrite!

  2. I hadn't seen these yet, I'm really behind on my blog reading. Going to watch them now...