Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stefan is Normaali

Euro chefs at the TC NYC charity event
Top Chef newbies Fabio & Stefan at Grand Central Station.

Once burned, twice shy. Last week it seemed skilled Stefan got the 'EuroTrash' edit. So I dug up his first interview {Bravo, 2 min} and he was chatty and cheerful, not arrogant. Hmm.

My bet? The more it looks like Stephanie will pass her TC toque to Stefan, the more Bravo will try to get us to root against him. Bravo uses controversy to hold viewers (gee, really?) and 3 of the first 4 Elimination winners became 'Top Chef, so Bravo has to do something if TC appears too predictable.

At any rate, he was 'normaali', (Finnish for 'normal') in the above interview, so perhaps he deserves a 'hyvä jätkä' (good guy) edit. Hopefully tonight's episode will give us a clue or two.


  1. Too tired to watch tonight, have to tape, uggh. can't wait to see the second show, it is at Tom's restaurant Craft I believe. Thanks for visiting the claw!

  2. (just finished watching the show)

    So tonight Stefan did fine, but its Fabio's turn in the spotlight...

    By any chance is Bravo trying to get TC into some European markets?

    *not food markets, tv ones ;-)

  3. Top Chef internationale? You may be right.