Monday, November 24, 2008


Why doesn't Bravo put Top Chef 'On Demand'?

Normally I don't go hunting for old episodes... but Bravo's website, has links to 'Top Chef episodes' - yet its other materials, not the actual eps. But for those who have just recently discovered TC, why not let us see the earlier seasons online? I missed out on S1 and S2 and so I never get the jokes about Marcel, etc. Share, Bravo, share! (link to Bravo's Top Chef)

Bravo's TC question for this week: Did Jill deserve to go home?

Yes - Gail was right about Jill's "lame" defense.
(39% - 2584 votes)
No - Ariane should've gone - dodged 2 bullets in a row.
(61% - 3967 votes)
I'm very surprised at this vote. As minxeats blog so entertainingly shows... Jill was sweet, but couldn't cook quiche or hotdogs - why should she stay?


  1. I surprised they haven't boxed them yet. The Tiffany stuff from S1 is so fantastic. She was a way better villain compared to Lisa from S4.

    Jill definitely seemed flaky enough to boot off but I can't see Ariane sticking around much longer. She just doesn't seem to care enough about the food she's putting out.

  2. They definitely should offer entire episodes of TC online - that way my recapping job is much easier :)