Thursday, November 27, 2008

Souper Chefs

credit to Say a word of Thanks(giving) for a S(o)uper Top Chef!

Both the Quickfire 'entree into soup' test, and the no-kitchen T-day Elimination Challenge were good ones for a group of 14. Good challenges where they really had to think creatively to complete them. Much better than that 'Minute Rice' challenge of last season. I would have eliminated Danny, but Richard didn't get robbed. Nope, can't complain about this ep... except for the excess ads.

During tonight's longest ad block I finished cleaning the kitchen, and made tea and else during the shorter ones. While doing all this extra stuff it struck me how short the actual ep. really was. Does Bravo realize how few ads we actually see, because we know we've got plenty of time to walk away during their endless 'intermissions'?

Maybe -that's- why they don't put TC on DVD - each 'hour' would be only 30 minutes!

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  1. During last night's ad break I cooked today's turkey, plus had a long luxurious nap.