Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mondo TC Condo

Top Chef puts its topping on Brooklyn, NY
The chefs are in this mondo luxury condo high above McCarren Park.

Quote - the digs are sweet: “They’re already awesome, but they’ve furnished it like a celeb would,” the source said. “One wall is orange, one is gray, one is purple. They’ve got that funky Real World look going on." (that's supposed to be a compliment...)

Lower level has kitchen and living room, plus two bedrooms,
while the upper level is all just one giant master suite.
So the real q. is: Are the boys, or the girls, the Tops?...

Nosy? A slideshow of their Williamsburg condo

Not enough? Links to TC tidbits via Gawker or Eater


  1. Ohhhhh ... their apartment is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!! I thought it was in Long Island City, Queens.

    Rents are so high that even BRAVO can't afford Manhattan anymore.

    CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Top Chef New York recap.

    Hope all is well...


  2. Hi David ... and of course after you commented I realized I'd done the wrong link to the bldg.

    -Doh!- (or, since this is Top Chef) -Dough!-

  3. We were wondering if they would bring those bunk beds back!