Thursday, November 20, 2008


TLW's new S6 poster needed to be re-posed...

Just 'No' to 'Shenny'. Not that 'Shelena' is perfect, but we did have that kiss-outside-the-Planet anvil for them. Also gone is Kit-in-a-coma, and TAlice because I belive their relationship won't survive to the spin-off. Should I add them back in... or add someone else? (Evil Adele with her black smokes, perhaps?)

* the original S6 poster via Dorothy Snarker

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  1. Oh I had to skim this b/c we have the last episode from last season to finish. I hope that Jenny Schekter (sp?) is booted off the show. The girl drives me absolutely nuts. Her and Flashdance need to go. Loving Shane and Cybill's daughter but it looks like from the other post that won't work out either. uggh. and this is the last season?~! ok way too long comment, sorry bout that.