Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Close Shave

credit to Johnny Depp on Top Chef!...

A 'news alert' periodically sends me an email if some newsy article contains the words Top and Chef... And now I got one including Johnny Depp! - imagine - a 'Pirate' or 'Barber' ep of TC!
But sorry, no...

... try the nautically-theme "The Captains' Inn Bed & Breakfast" in Mount Dora, FL. You’ll wake up to a world-class breakfast from Captain/Chef Tamara Spieler, the chef who cooked for Johnny Depp during the six weeks he was aboard ship while filming the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean... ('top' referenced the movie)
Ah well, it was a fun thought while it lasted.

p.s There's a 'Mount' of any height in Florida?
The Inn, if you live in FL or are just curious about Depp's chef.

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