Sunday, December 28, 2008

Food Frolic

hey, if TC can do reruns in mid-play, so can I, after all...
Continuing my TC game, I finished Level #1. I made a sausage & pork sandwich, with a bit of tomato. TomC: 'Tomato & Basil go well together - Great Dish!' Padma:'The Tomato really worked for me.'
First Tom and now Padma exclaim about my Tomatoes?!
- Gail should be jealous.

The last part had me make three canapes, and the only 'meat' that appeared on the protein shelf was scallops. I can take a hint so I made a cuke and scallop pairing that also got me 5-stars from the judges.
TomC:'You really took a lot of risks with that dish.'
Saved from elimination! Ha! maybe TC really is 'Top (s)Callop'.

Finally, here's a video (not mine) showing the 'cooking'.
fyi: red shelf = meat, green = vege, yellow = flavorings

{2 min}

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