Saturday, December 27, 2008

PC Top Chef

Not 'Politically Correct', but 'Personal Computer'...' me ', playing Top Chef, the game.
screenshot of virtual 'me' - just before my first quickfire.
*btw players can click that cleaver to SKIP (chop! chop!) a section...

As you might've guessed, Santa gave me 'TC The Game'. And I just finished my 'test drive'... stopped by a computer error. Windows Virtual Memory wasn't quite ready for the graphics load, which is hilarious since the graphics are minimal at best. Static images slide across the screen, but there's zero actual animation, at least in level one. In fact, every time I chopped (cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, veal) all items were drawn as onions!

Onto the gameplay itself. Be prepared to click your fingers raw - faster chopping = higher score. I survived the first quickfire (and got 2700 points!) for making a 'sweet salad' by sliding images of tomato and cucumber, with a bit of basil, to the cook surface and clicking away. (I also added raspberries and mango which turned into a fruit smear on the plate.) And you know what virtual judge Tom C said about it? ''I didn't expect you to use the Tomato, but it worked.'' Um, Tom?... without that exotic tomato my 'salad' would've consisted solely of cucumbers.

No wonder they don't do salads on Top Chef, The Show.

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  1. that was a bold move with the tomato, Tom was right.