Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Foo(d) Fighters

The Missing Pieces of the Foo(d) puzzle.

They should be the 'Foodie Fighters' - their vegetarian/vegan requests are just the tip of their dining iceberg. Every arena they play has to provide an enormous variety of foodstuff - vegetarian and carnivore. Plus FFs require a 3-hour window for each meal which must include hot entrees, so basically the caterers are on standby all day, and work from a provided list of acceptable meals listed by day. Don't forget the bacon.

And don't forget the meal extras:
Breakfast?... must include tablets of 1000-mg Vitamin C
Lunch?... must include multiple cases of RedBull
Dinner?... 'big ass kielbasas' ('make men self-conscious')
And in case 10 hours of catering still leaves them hungry,
the venue is also required to provide local take-out menus.
And check out the extras for their 'Hospitality Room':
Cases of Coke, Vitamin Water, RedBull, Gatorade, Fiji water, juices including Pom juice, protein drinks. Tomatoes, Avocadoes and brand name cheeses. Fresh brand name coffee and tea service. Natural peanut butter. Giant fruit basket. A bag of 'Pirate Booty'(?). Plus Zone Energy bars and various milks, soymilk and breads.
And then move on to the 'Auxilliary Room':
11 cases of various (brand name) beers
6 bottles of various (brand name) wines
3 bottles of (brand name) hard liquors
drink mixers
Doritos and beef jerky ('no Slim Jims')
chewing gum
vanilla, musk, or cinnamon scented candles (!?)
two large oscillating fans (!?)
ashtrays and lighters for four.
Finally, how about some extra-extras?:
DVDs ('no Jamie Kennedy, Martin Lawrence, or sports')
Magazines ('no Spin, Rolling Stone, or People')
t-shirts ('chest pocket preferred')
socks, black and white, 100% cotton
Aleve or Advil
roll-on deodorant
'Airborne' effervescent tablets
Purell hand cleaner
75 lbs of clean ice
All this, even if they're only in town for one day. 'Sheesh'
If I owned a theater and got this list?
I'd ask: 'You guys planning to sing at all?'

SG link to see 9 pages of the: Foo Fighter's arena rider.


  1. Wow - the Foos are sure fussy little girls, aren't they!

  2. haha. didn't expect the pirate booty there. used to get this at trader joe's