Friday, December 12, 2008

TC = To Court

Tom Colicchio was sued in federal court on Thursday.
In the lawsuit, the waitress, Nessa Rapone, who used to work at the bustling Craftbar restaurant at 900 Broadway, between 19th and 20th Streets, asserted that Mr. Colicchio’s company, Craft Worldwide Holdings, improperly shared employee tips with supervisors, did not keep proper time records and fired her when she protested.
Reading further you find out she worked at Craft for only two months in 2007. And btw, the lawyers are 'seeking class-action status for the lawsuit'. Hmm, sounds just like some other suits targeting high-profile NYC restaurants. (Turning it into a class-action suit significantly increases the payday for the lawyers, as does the lawyers habit of often asking for 6 years back pay.)

TomC:It’s a baseless lawsuit."
But it probably won't be cheap, or short.

Article: NY Times - text version

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