Friday, January 1, 2010

Celebrity Reveal

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Knew I wouldn't be back til Sunday, so I collected these celebrity bon mots for 2010 in advance. (here & here) Enjoy!

Resolutions from the glitterati...
Big Lo, rapper: I hope to get married and settle down this year. Aside from that, my plan for this year is to take over the Hip-Hop scene in Nigeria

Blackky, reggae artist: I pray that the will of Jah be fulfilled

Etcetera, singer: to continue to be the person I am in 2010

Illbliss, rapper: My plan for 2010 is to make a lot of money

Terry Tha Rapman, rapper:
It was basically a year of sowing seeds for me,
so I expect 2010 to be a year of bountiful harvesting

Tobey Maguire: To spend more time with my family.

Hugh Grant: To go west.

Maggie Gyllenhaal: To be the best mother I can be.

Jeff Bridges: To be more alert.

James Franco: To walk more.

Ellen Burstyn: To lose some weight.

Emily Blunt: To not make any resolutions.
Perhaps Emily has the right idea...

Hope y'all have a great 2010!

Now where'd I leave my aspirin & that mimosa?

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  1. the hip hop scene in Nigeria?!?...