Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bo Knows Broadway

But no one mentions if these acrobats can act?

"Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark" is actually on Broadway at last...

According to reports, what they saw was a 3+hour show that was halted by technical delays... getting all of the action down pat has been a great challenge. The first show had five delays, falling stage wires, and even had Spiderman himself hanging over the audience at the end of Act I.(!)

To hear the New York Post say it, having Spiderman on Broadway will garner a lot of unintentional laughs, and massive audience frustration. Michael Riedel called the night an "epic flop" - "dull score and baffling script" - to say nothing of the kinks.

On the other hand, Aint It Cool News posted a review from a fan who said it was hardly that bad. Although the show still needs tweaking, reviewer "DarthDooku" was hopeful... (article)

Is this just a vanity project for Bono?
(Him wanting to best Paul McCartney & Billy Joel on Bway?)

Or did someone think this up as a ploy to get boys to ante up for theater willingly?

{1 min}

Craig Ferguson's version:
{1 min}

Singing & Swinging about a comic just seems strange.

(see more @ CBS's 15 min clip about the show)
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