Friday, December 17, 2010

Meer Kat Napping

When the Mama MeerKat's away...
...the animal-grabbing delinquents come out to play?

The KC Zoo did notice one of its meerkats was missing, but "They didn't know whether it had been taken by "a person or a predator," which is why
they did not file a missing-meerkat report."
But justice was served, anyway:

''Santhuff admitted he'd jumped into the exhibit, stole the meerkat and stuck it in the stroller, and said that Bradley pushed the stroller out of the zoo and kept the meerkat at his mother's. Bradley's girlfriend, who had accompanied the boys to the zoo, corroborated this version of events when she was questioned by police. "She couldn't believe the two were actually going to take the meerkat so she walked away"
1. They hid a cage in the stroller in advance.
- (premeditated !) -
2. They took it home to their trailer park. (ha !)
3. They bragged about stealing it on Facebook.
4. The ungrateful critter bit them. (lol)
5. They abandoned it after less than a week.

Their folks are so proud they made the paper.

*here's the article: MeerKat (kid? cat?) -napping

{30 sec}
Maybe they thought they could teach it to play soccer?

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