Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fowl Weather Gear

Snow Bird ?
Just in time for winter...

For the past several months, a small group of knitters in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, have been knitting sweaters for featherless hens rescued from British poultry farms.

The group has even staged two "knit-ins," in which members assemble at a local needlecraft store and craft sweaters -- known in England as "jumpers" -- en masse.

"In the winter, the hens need a little bit of help keeping warm," said organizer and store owner Amy Leader.

a cute chick The two knit-ins have attracted considerable media attention, which is why several weeks ago she received a phone call reminiscent of an old Monty Python sketch.

"I heard that you're knitting chicken jumpers," the woman said, explaining that she represented a charity that rescued farm chickens. "Would you give me some of them?"

"Do you have a daughter?" Leader asked.

The woman replied that she did.

"It's you I'm making them for!" Leader cried.

nice hat The knit-ins have been as good for just about everybody involved. For Leader, they've meant attention for her shop and a chance to incorporate beginners into the circle.

"What's really lovely about a chicken jacket is it doesn't have to be perfect, because -- come on -- it's for a chicken."

There are plans for future knit-ins -- what with the cold weather and holidays coming in -- and that leaves open the possibility of seeing chickens running around England wearing red and green jumpers.

"Maybe we can make little Santa hats for them," Leader said. "The possibilities are endless, aren't they."

It would appear so...

Meanwhile, check out the 'Chicken Police' !
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A bit hare-brained, yes?
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