Thursday, December 16, 2010

Find Your Exact Opposite

At least on this planet.

As kids, we were told that digging a hole could lead us to China.
Now you can check and see if its true!

Use the link below, mark your location, and it instantly shows you where the antipodal (ænˈtɪpədəl) point is from your house to the other side of the globe.

Pretty cool, eh?

But don't cry if you end up in the ocean. I did.
Most do: less than 4% of land is antipodal to land.

Lucky folks in Beijing can dig to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
New Zealand is opposite Spain, and Ecuador -> Indonesia.
But in most places, if you dig you'd better do it in scuba.

*note: The marker stays in the center - slide the top map.
link: Interactive Antipodes Map (new window)

Happy Digging!

definitions: 'Antipodes' (wikipedia)
for ThemeThursday's 'MAP' day
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  1. we tried digging it once...we got about 3 feet down and my brother was afraid we might break through...

  2. that was awesome Nanc, although my opposite was just some part of the indian ocean. I'll be sure to bring my tomahawk and dreamcatcher in case I attempt digging through.

  3. Ok, THAT is the coolest take on the Theme Thursday meme.

    Well done!!

    As expected, my antipode is just a mass of blue off the coast of Africa.....good thing I didn't dig too vigorously as a kid!!