Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Donut Lasagna

A specialty of Top Chef Casey Thompson.

Along with the usual lasagna ingredients, she adds brie, spinach, nutmeg, and cream. Then assembles it by laying the noodles on a flat surface, and spooning some of the filling on each, then rolls'm up and places them on edge in a casserole dish. Cheese on top, voila!

Casey says:
" ...I always like a little something different during the holidays; I don't always stick to the rules."

No kidding. Whats even funnier?...

In Nov. she was asked what item she least likes to cook,
and she picked lasagna !
(video from 11/2010 below)

{1 min}

The full recipe & article is here (Star-Telegram) but before you rush out to get the ingredients let me warn you that her special version clocks in w/ an impressive 753 calories, 29 gr fat per serving.

* Tonight is ep #3 of Top Chef All-Stars
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