Friday, December 10, 2010

Whale Of A Song

Moby Santas?
Tired of those pre- Christmas tunes already?
You won't hear this in any mall...

Below is "The Pequod" from Tony Garone's "Ahab" show,
'a musical interpretation of Melville's Great American Novel'
'We sail in the morning on a whaling ship
On the wharf we'll be called to service by the rig
And the ship we'll be sailing to the open sea
Goes by name of the Pequod it must surely be!

Now a Christmas is coming but we'll be away
And a whale we'll be hunting so we cannot stay
May our harvest be plenty and our barrels full
And may God bless our journey too!'... etc.

{1 min}

Hate the holidays? ...
No cheery sentiments at all in Ahab's title song.
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