Monday, February 9, 2009

Pretty Ugly

Boring ep. last night = shallow review to-day!

Bette pic credit to reise at automatic straddle!
puppy's hair! puppies!

Not that she isn't pretty, but sorry, Bette's hair done like that always reminds me of *this* ===>

Can't believe out of all the outfits they use on TLW, CynthiaS the costumer, 'lost' so many nice ones, yet managed to save B&T's ugliest nightwear for ep 604? Sheesh.
- - -

Cybill Shepherd is doing a guest appearance on "Criminal Minds" (Wed, ~8 pm, CBS), in which she drives the usually stoic investigators nuts with her constant reminders that she once dated Elvis Presley... never watch that show but it might be fun.
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