Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Now Hair This!

Tidbits about Carla from a recent interview:
Q&A Top Chef's Carla Hall... Finding Her Sea Legs
(legs? she must use crabs vs. scallops...)

Viewers will see her tonight with a sleek new hairdo
as the cooking competition moves to New Orleans.
(Previews show Carla's hair is straight now.)

Q. Will we be seeing any photos of you from your modeling days?

Carla: Yeah, you might. (can't wait!)

Q. How hard has it been to read stuff... that wasn't so complimentary?

Carla: My husband would get upset when he read blogs, (uh oh) but I still don't read them. (whew!)

I wouldn't necessarily disagree with some of them. I knew I could cook better. I just needed to find my sea legs. It's like being on "Jeopardy!" and suddenly all the categories are the ones you know.
The Washington Post link - can be slow loading.

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  1. Darling -

    How about "Hootie and the Crawfish"?? DAMN - that's what I should have called my recap!

    And thank you for the reminder of my 3 favorite girls on the planet- Gail, Boobie #1, and Boobie #2.