Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not So Easy

Tonight's the TC finale in the Big Easy! I'll be crossing my fingers for Carla, since I'm tired of Stefan & Hosea, the bald, quirky tools. And the preview showed this (see below) as the proteins for what must be the quickfire... (turns out they were for a surprise 4th course) Will any of these three have an advantage with this? (gator, anyone?)

Then its off to this place, er 'palace':
Not very royal looking; hadn't realized it was a such a dining icon. Was in New Orleans ages ago and never noticed it. But I will be paying attention tonight, honest! (their usual, non-TC menu)

eta: ... I'm sad

Oh Carla, why a sous-vide for the first time in the finale!?!

Q.) Think she might've won with Rich or Marcel as sous chef?

eta2: Answer: ,..'Nope' (thanks minx!)


  1. I was very surprised at the result. Like I've said elsewhere, I would have bet money that Hosea would not have won - Carla or Stefan, hands down. It's sort of anti-climactic.

  2. Yup.

    He and Ilan tie for my least-favorite TC winner.

  3. Casey sounds awfully defensive, which maybe she has the right to be, maybe...

    I think it was anticlimactic because we never saw Hosea's food highlighted as wonderful throughout the rest of the season. He was just good or ok. But it seems they love the one meal can make you or break you rule. I'm still disappointed Jamie didn't make it to the final three. Her food and Stefan's were the most notable throughout the competition to me.