Tuesday, February 3, 2009


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'Ad-supported cable’s #1 program on Tuesdays, 10 pm.'

This is what we're watching tonight, since TNT has renewed its 'heist dramedy' for a 2nd season.
Premise: an honest man uses a gang of cons to right wrongs. I prefer the British series 'Hustle' (where they're all cons) but that's not on right now, so this romp'll do for now.

One con looked familiar, and I realized that Gina Bellman played quirky 'Jane' on the BBC version (the good one) of 'Coupling'.GINA is on top, left - {pic credit, IMDb}That's one of the problems of 'fiction' tv for me. It always takes me awhile to re-adjust my thinking when an actor goes from playing a comic role to a straight bit. *I still can't watch 'House' - he played too many goofs on the BBC. (Think that's why he came to the U.S.? To be able to play grown-ups?)

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  1. Coupling also has the rather lovely James Davenport. He was in Pirates of the Caribbean.
    But I first saw him in a BBC drama called This Life. If you can get it on DVD in the States it is well worth it! Six young lawyers sharing a house in South London during the early 90s. Loads of sex and drugs and lawyering with spectacular performances.