Thursday, February 19, 2009

KG is a Sell Out

KG by artist Rob Kelly, for Time Out, NY
KG, by artist Rob Kelly, TimeOut NY She sold out 4 nights at Madison Sq. Garden! - so here are some KG tidbits via Rachael Ray (?!) and Time Out NY.

Rachael Ray & KG played 'Would You Rather'... and:
KG would dine with Lindsey Lohan's vs The Osmonds.
KG would pick Simon (from Am. Idol) vs Ryan or Randy.
KG would pick trapped w Clay Aiken vs Hear Paris H. Sing.
KG would hang out w/Olsen Twins vs 'The Hills' crew.
Well, can't say I disagree with any of her choices.
Tho never actually seen Am.Idol so just a guess there.

The link: KG on Rachael Ray (4 min video)

p.s. Why does everyone think I'm lying whenever I say I've never seen an American Idol show?... Why fib about that? - I haven't, honest!


best bits from TO NY interview
Q.: Are you googling yourself while talking to me?
KG: No, But I do google my name every day, first thing.

Q.: Some people wake up to coffee…
KG: Any celebrity who says they don’t is lying.

Q.: (re Emmys) If there were a fire, that’s what you’d grab?
KG: Yes - my two Emmys and the picture of me on Oprah - it looks like she’s laughing hilariously at something I said.

Q.: And that’s it?
KG: Well, my dogs, of course. And then the two Emmys. And the picture of me on Oprah. My mom’s on her own. She can get herself out. She’d grab her box of wine, which is flammable, so then she’ll just roll down the driveway in flames.
I must be cruel... I lol'd at that mom comment.

* The link: KG in 'Time Out, NY' (full article)


  1. God, Griffin is just so - well - cartoonish! :D

  2. I have seen "American Idol" (only because the Pretend Husband makes me watch it!) but I've never seen any of the "Star Wars" movies and that totally freaks people out. Now I'm just refusing to watch them out of spite because I know it drives people crazy.