Sunday, February 22, 2009


So, Season 6 = WWJD = 'Who Wants Jenny Dead'.

And now that the final 2 eps are upon us, the brains at Sho finally decide to give us a full-length ep... opposite the Oscars!?
Ooo, smart move there.
'Showtime', think its time to buy a clue?

Speaking of buying things, 606 was an expensive episode for props.

The Orbitbaby buggy that T&B gave Max? $900 US.

*We all know they'll get it back.
And it won't be empty.

Meanwhile that bottle of champagne that Kelly popped?
She must really have the hots for B, since that stuff starts at $150 US, but if you order the individualized vintage? Then Perrier-Jouet can cost $6,000 per bottle.

And speaking of clues:

i killed jenny`
<-- This promo is Showtime's great marketing campaign for S6. Asking bloggers to put this logo on their site to promote TLW. Again, Sho execs, are you really shocked that HBO rules?

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