Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eco Bountiful

*click* to see SHOW DETAILs, and get TICKETSPutting their best Eco Fashion foot forward today.

Wow, until today I'd never heard of it.
Must've been living (and dressing) under a rock...

NYC's Project Earth Day Fashion Show "a unique annual showcase of the most innovative brands in sustainable design"

... "The seeds of the future are encapsulated in the hearts and minds of student designers, and Project Earth Day’s organizers recognize this fact by hosting a student design competition each year. This year’s prizes are eco bountiful and the media coverage will be extensive"...
*click* to enlargeEco Fashion for Earth Day? Just never pictured NY's fashionistas decked out in durable eco gear. Should be unique... especially bearing in mind that this (left) was 2008's Grand Prize winner, complete with eco-earmuffs, excess strapping, and pouch pockets. (click for close-up)

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