Monday, April 6, 2009

Party Down

Care to party in L.A? - its a new 'Starz' show.

Daily News: 'How’d this new series come about?'
'Rob Thomas (of 'Veronica Mars') came up with this idea for “Party Down” a while back. He shot the pilot at his house, did it for fun, and a few years go by... and Starz picks it up.'
'L.A. catering company “Party Down”, employs struggling artist/misfits who mingle with guests at everything from sweet16 parties to the most lavish Hollywood soirees.'

This sitcom premiered March 20th but I didn't see it then, since I don't get the Starz channel. (if you do its Fri 9/10:30pm)
Luckily, we can also watch it online.
Its fun; I'm adding it to my paltry lineup of shows.

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