Monday, April 20, 2009

KG Unseen

pic credit: www.birdsinthebelfry.comIs KG apologizing in advance for
'Footage You Weren't Meant To See'?
Bravo Press Release: 'Uncover hidden hilarity from the first 4 seasons of "My Life On The D-List" with an all-new special featuring never-before-seen moments from the series including: her drive-by to wave hello to her fans waiting in line for her show at Madison Square Garden, Team Griffin playing a game "10 Things We Hate About Tom", and the Team receiving massages from burly guys at the Bear Ball. "Kathy Griffin: The Footage You Weren't Meant To See" premieres Mon, Apr 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.'
So tonight we're getting unseen yet 'hilarious' clips? Hm. Cross your fingers it'll be fun bloopers vs. scenes that should've stayed deleted.

p.s. UPDATE: Well, tonight's Bravo listing shows 'Top Gun'
So maybe they couldn't find enough 'hilarity' after all?

While we're on a similar subject - Why don't the dramas on DVD ever include 'bloopers' in their extras?

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