Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Live Long And Promo

FYI: Even if you don't 'Trek', this site is addictive.

Try Trek Yourself
, it allows you to turn any image into a Star Trek character, and have them (or it) say anything. Click each to see mine in action. Their eyes follow your mouse as they chat - woo.

May I now present 'Spock Betty':(new window)
*click to see it* *You can add 'live' embedded versions on blogs, but beware that they begin to talk as soon as someone opens your page. Thus I used stills - click mine to see. (Cheez-it ad is short)

click to see
My 'VulcAngelina'. *Helpful hint: she's more seamless, and her eyes track better, because I was more careful in the 'center your image' step.

Freud as a Romulan
(quoting Freud, no less)

Tickle Me Elmo 'Captain'.. heh heh..
Saving the best for last?.. You decide.

click to see (each in new windows)


  1. Hahaha ... that is awesome! I just spent nearly an hour messing around with site! :P

    Really cool blog ... loved the "Royal Wee" post.

    Thanks for following mine, you can be sure I'll be back to check out yours on a regular basis :)

  2. `Glad you like it.

    btw, just redid the link to 'Tickle Me Kirk' so it goes to the correct one now... ;-)