Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just A Minute

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Woo... another Award!

This time via the One Minute Writer blog. The theme was 'Celebration of Life', and I'd just been looking at his tempera piece 'Snow Hill', thus my minute missive:
Remembering Wyeth.

He loved his life on the hillsides of Maine and PA. His art grew from those days on the hills.

Now he's gone, but not really. He's left the most vibrant parts of his life for us. His art.
That's how I really feel, so I'm glad I spent that 60 seconds on her site. Thanks for reading, C.Beth!


  1. One minute writing. Cool idea!

    And I love Wyeth, too. A favorite is The Carry (http://www.andrewwyeth.com/AndrewWyeth8.html).