Saturday, April 4, 2009

Me & Top Chef, NYC

My New York Top Chef Tour photos!

Friday (3/27) we made a looong drive to NYC to pick up some bulky items near Madison Square Park. Not fun, until I spotted the TC Tour truck! Alas it was too late for any demos, so I just took a few pics.
*click to enlarge any individual pic.
click to enlarge The Truck
click to enlargeToday's Chefs
click to enlargeTC crew cleanup
click to enlargeLife-size cutouts!
click to enlargewheel of TC prizes
click to enlargeLast TC store items
click to enlargeSet side of truck
click to enlargethru left window
click to enlargethru right window
click to enlargeSet, thru door
click to enlargeBravo disclaimer

This (above) was on a 3 ft board by the door.

All the fans that got inside had to first agree to risk being photographed, or used in promo materials or possibly -dying- to be allowed in.

Makes you wonder just what Nikki was serving...

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  1. I wonder what happened to prompt them to post a disclaimer. There wasn't one last year, unless it's special for NYC?