Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Early last October Bravo sent one of their interns w/handycam to ask nosy, oddball (non-cooking) questions of all the cheftestants except Valerie and Nimma. Sample Q&A's below:

Bravo intern: 'What turns you on?'
Stephanie points to Erik: 'Right Here' (joking)
Richard: (tacky rephase of q., then) 'My Wife'
Lisa: Don't think I can answer; what's this rated?
Mark: A clean pair of underwear

Turn offs?
Richard: Not being home
Lisa: 'Spike'
Steph: cockiness
Jen: diarrhea

Favorite sound, what do you like?
Richard: A good fart
Stephanie: Sound of opening a bottle of bubbly
Lisa: 'Silence' (looking at questioner)
Antonia: Dinner Bell

What sound do you hate:
Stephanie imitates dweeb saying her name dopily
Lisa: 'Spike'
Richard: 'Clinkity-clank' sound

What non-chef job would you like:
Stephanie: Olympic Champion
Lisa: Veterinarian
Richard: NFL player
Andrew: Strip Club DJ

What's your idea of a bad job:
Lisa: Lawyer
Richard: desk job
Stephanie: cubicle worker

Assuming God and heaven exist -
What do want hear when you arrive?:

Richard: Good Game
Stephanie: Looks like you had a good time.
Lisa: Welcome

I appreciated Stephanie and Lisa's answers.
Richard's? Not so much. B-minus.
Best reply? Zoi's ''NOYB''
TC's 'odd Q' videos (you've been warned)

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