Thursday, June 12, 2008

(N)ice Cream

Now that we've had our seer-ious discussion of TC 414 we're moving on the the obvious hot topic of the episode:

Isn't N3ice cream (C)old news these days?

Did I hear that right? Eric Ripert stated that he'd never seen anyone use liquid N3 in a kitchen before!? - Dude! - you have to get out more, seriously!

While 'old school' hot-cold dessert items like 'Baked Alaska' are fun, N3 cookery is truly cool. (And no 'molecular gastronomy' chemicals needed.) We just made two versions of ice cream this past weekend when we had a visitor. Its great entertainment -and- its dessert!

opens in new window: Recipe for N ice cream


Have fun, but remember to be careful, possums!