Friday, June 13, 2008

Scoop on Steph

Had an email box full of TC links this a.m, so I culled out a few of our champ's quotes to share: (sorry din't keep the links)

What are you going to do with the money? (oy, those interviewers jump right in...)
'Once I get myself out of (credit card) debt, I want to buy somewhere to live, you know, to put all of my new kitchen appliances!' (Now we know how she financed her month in SE Asia... Suppose her GE stuff is sitting in her living room?)

Did you think you came off well on TV?
'They definitely chose to show off my more innocent side, so yeah, I was very happy with how I was portrayed. ' (now wondering if the reunion show will contain 'naughty Steph' bloopers)?

Kept in touch with any of the contestants?
'I do. I talk to Antonia very often.
Lisa and I talk once a week.'

What did you really think of Lisa?
& Did she get a fair shake on TV?

'She can be negative, yes, and they really zoomed in on that on the show. But she can also be a lot of fun too.' (How much fun Steph?... and will that be in the naughty bloopers too?...)

So what was up with her asking you and Richard for congrats when Antonia was eliminated?
'I was a little surprised. It was so late and I was bummed to see Antonia go. Richard and I were both surprised she brought that up. It just felt inappropriate to high-five her at that moment. But I can see how she felt.' (No hi-5 bloopers then...)

Note: A reporter said that at 'Cans' a bar in Chicago: People cheered (including S4's Valerie and S3's Dale L. & Sara) throughout the showing anytime one of the judges on screen gave Stephanie a compliment.
*Must've been a riot for Steph - her sis & folks were there too, and she never told'm she'd won so they saw it 'live' that night.

Are you a fan of the Glad family of products?
I actually am. I’ve been doing some catering out of my house, and I use the containers all the time. I have a whole cabinet devoted to my GladWare. I’m hoping that I’ll get a free lifetime supply. They’re not cheap!

Hey, I'll do my best here to pass the word along, Steph! But sadly (not Gladtmly) I doubt that 'Gladtm' reads this, since they don't make 'blog-ware'...

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  1. LOL loved your TMs added to the Glad mentions - Amity